For me A Small Brightness has three meanings:

  • As a pun on my name.
  • As the electric jolt I feel when I see an insect – tiny specks of life that surround us at every moment.
  • As the glimmer in my eyes when I read a sentence that changes the way I experience the world.
A mourning cloak butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) that came to say hello!

Currently, I have a Bachelor’s in Literature and Writing. However, since finishing my studies, I have not put those skills to use. In the following year I will be beginning my journey towards applying for a Master’s in Entomology.

I do not view these loves as separate. I will always be a bookworm, but I also long to spend days outside searching for the hidden treasures of the insect world.

A Small Brightness is a passion project, a way for me to unite both of the spheres I live in.